File Audio Processor - Media Player  
File  Audio Processor - Media Player
This is the first of three media players built-in in the File Audio Processor. This player is located on main software window. Easy to use, just select file and click Play to start the playback.

Can play the following audio formats:
MP3, MP2, WMA, WAV, RAW, OGG VORBIS, VOX G726, G723, G721, CDA, MIDI, MPC and others.
The following video files are supported:
MPG MPEG WMV ASF AVI, it allows you to play almost any audio & video files, and that depends on drivers and codec's installed on your system.

With Media Player you can:

Play media files
Create playlist of selected files. Manipulate playlist files.
Play video in full screen mode.
Start immediate audio recording of current playback and save to an audio file.
Set soundcard properties. Select playback devices.

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