File Audio Processor - Playlist Manager  
File  Audio Processor - Playlist Manager
Playlist Manager is a powerful playlist creator & manager.
With this feature you can fast and easy create and manage playlist of your favorite media files.
File Audio Processor supports the following playlist file formats
M3U Winamp playlist, adopted by a wide variety of media players. Most popular.
PLS  Winamp playlist, Napster MPEG Playlist File, Real MP3 Playlist
B4S  Winamp 3+ Playlist, Wasabi Player (successor of Winamp 3 series player)
ASX  Windows Media Player - Advanced Stream Redirector File, major playlist file of Windows Media Player
WAX Windows Media Player - Windows Media Audio Redirector, Audio Advanced Streaming Format
WVX Windows Media Player - Windows Media Redirector (Video)
WPL  Windows Media Player Playlist
SMP  Sprintbit Media Playlist, our own playlist file format. Compatible with our other software: File Audio Processor

With Playlist Manager you can:

Create new playlist files of your favorite media files.
Update & check existing playlist files.
Perform validation procedures on playlist like find duplicate files, path updating & checking, changing locations and more.
Play media files
Build playlist rapidly form folders selected in File Browser
Create a database of your playlist

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